Delusions of Form

Delusions of Form
  • Published on: September 25, 2021
  • Cover designer: Mais Ahmad
  • As soon as I saw what Mais produced, I knew it captured exactly what I aimed to write. If you are interested in seeing more of her amazing work, I suggest you check our her websites.
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  • Related Project: Recovering Grandeur
  • Recovering Grandeur is the home page of the hospital of John's stay but has more to reveal as time goes on.

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The world has lost all sense, or John Albuquerque cannot find any sense to it. Reality drops into the abyss as he crosses an endless desert. A factory disassembles his memories as he investigates his unresolved feelings. A house party ends with the disintegration of his body. But forget that. He only cares about one thing: that he exists. Well, he can’t say that with certainty. The cosmos has abandoned him, and likewise, any way to know the truth is long gone, much less if such a concept exists. Inspired by the author’s experiences in a coma, follow John Albuquerque on the many paths of a mind in decline.