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Hello stranger or welcome back. Struggling to find a better term, I call this website an outlet. As an author, I write about the oncoming future and how us humans face the chaos of our own making. As a programmer, I participate in it and embrace the wonders that our modernity can provide. Plus, it's not that hard to make something that looks halfway decent--let's not talk about mobile right now, okay? Sidebars are great on a tablet or desktop, but they are dangerous and need to be carefully managed on mobile.

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Inside you'll find the nav menu. From there you can read articles from my blog, about me as an author or as a programmer and web designer. Also you can unfold each subsection and directly access what you want to see.

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If you want to learn about what I can offer you (in terms of web design or programming), you can look at my portfolio. Or you can send me an email at ben@benyakiredits.com.